About the Blogger

Born in the United States in 1947, married with three grown children, Randall Scott has lived in Canada since 1969, residing most of that time in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Since 1989 he has owned and operated the second-hand bookstore Westernesse. Actively connected with the work and aims of the Sophia Foundation of North America through its local association Rosa Mundi, he leads three weekly studies: a study of the basic books of anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner, a study of the spiritual classic, Meditations on the Tarot – A Journey into Christian Hermeticism, and a study of the Gospel of John. In addition, together with his wife Josie, who is trained in Eurythmy, Choreocosmos and Sacred Dance, he leads a bi-weekly study of Steiner’s Foundation Stone Meditation. 

A long-time student of anthroposophy, an aspiring Christian Hermeticist, and a practicing Catholic in the Anglican tradition, he is the author of The Christos Sun Meditations: Following the Eightfold Path through the Zodiac, with a second book nearing completion. He has been a counsellor and flower-essence practitioner since 1997.


4 Responses to About the Blogger

  1. Perennis says:

    Dear Randall,

    THANK YOU for setting up this blog. I would like to welcome it into the world with all my heart, and will certainly be among your bloggers as time permits!

  2. Gabriele Tanner says:

    We need this, a wonderful way to communicate.
    Thank you Randall. Gabriele

  3. Janos says:

    Hi Randall,

    it’s a great blog, congratulations. I miss your study group.
    Greetings from Romania,

  4. Roger Buck says:

    Randall I am sorry that it is still taking me so long to respond in ways I would ideally wish were faster.

    Printing and pondering your material leaves me moved and gladdened. More will unfortunately have to wait.

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