The following are the email lists connected to The Fiery Mind you can add your name to:

   1.  Daily Thought

        Wise words from Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, student of Peter Deunov

   2.  Prayers – Personal

Linked to star configurations as noted in the Journal for Star Wisdom, edited     by Robert Powell, PhD.

   3.  Prayers – Theurgical

Linked to current events, as well as to star configurations as above

   4.  Global Awareness – Current Events Articles

News not in the news–events and viewpoints rarely, if ever, aired in  the corporate   media    

   5.  Notice of New Postings or Pages on The Fiery Mind

        New postings every 4 to 7 days, with new pages added from time to time 

If you would like your name added to any of these lists, please let Randall know at


One Response to Offerings

  1. DoloresRose Dauenhauer says:

    Please send #2, 3, & 4

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